Ilan Stavans

Look Inside the Remarkable Trilingual Picture Book, 'Daniel and Ismail'

A remarkable multilingual picture book, Daniel and Ismail tells the story of a Jewish boy and a Palestinian boy who grow up in separate communities and become friends by chance on the soccer field. Each boy’s family is upset at the news, yet the power of conversation and play helps the boys overcome their differences. To amplify this message of unity, we have translated the book from Juan Pablo Iglesias’ Spanish into English (translated by Ilan Stavans), Hebrew (translated by Eliezer Nowodworski and Frieda Press-Danieli), and Arabic (translated by Randa Sayegh). See this remarkable layout in the gallery below, as set against Alex Peris’ beautiful illustrations.


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Ilan Stavans asks "Why Should You Read 'Don Quixote'?"

In a recent Ted-Ed video, Ilan Stavans, Restless Books Publisher and noted Cervantes’ scholar, delves into the nature of character development and the continuing cultural importance of Cervantes’ masterpiece. Accompanied by endearing illustrations and animation, ‘Why Should You Read Don Quixote?’ explores the compelling personal growth of Don Quixote through his clumsy yet valiant antics with his steadfast companion Sancho Panza and the enduring popularity and relevance of what is widely considered to be the best-selling novel of all time. Ilan asks the perennial question: What makes this book so beloved? In exploring major themes and the relationship between Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Stavans investigates underlying philosophical complexities in this tale of adventure, humor, love and friendship. Indeed, Cervantes’ work is not only considered by many to be the first modern novel, but it is also a “treatise on the power of creativity and individualism that has inspired art, literature, popular culture and even political revolution” that continues to resonate with readers on a global scale.

TED-Ed, an extension of TED, carefully curates educational videos with animations, many of which represent collaborations between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website. TED-Ed, not unlike TED, is committed to creating lessons worth sharing and spreading great ideas. Watch the TED-Ed video to learn more about Don Quixote and check out the Restless Classics edition of Don Quixote with beautiful illustrations by Eko and an introduction by Ilan Stavans.