Watch: Cuban Heavy-Metal/Sci-Fi Star Yoss Revealed in a Video Documentary

The extremely photogenic Cuban heavy-metal/sci-fi star Yoss also has a tremendous screen presence. For those who have heard a lot about the author lately and want to see him in action, or those readers who have loved A Planet for Rent and want to see the man behind that "highly original, awesome" work, here are a few videos that might sate you! 


Not only is he Cuba's most lauded living science fiction writer, published both in his home country and around the world, Yoss also sings in heavy metal band Tenaz, holds black belts in multiple martial arts, and nurtures the next generation of Cuba's genre writers. In David Shook's eighteen-minute portrait, Yoss discusses recent developments in US-Cuba relations, the science fiction genre's relevance in contemporary Cuba, and his vision for the Cuba(s) of the future.

Featuring interviews with Yoss, science fiction writers Elaine Vilar Madruga and Raúl Aguiar Alvarez, and Yoss's mom, as well as music by Cuban heavy metal band Tenaz, recorded live in one of Havana's abandoned baroque palaces, Yoss: A Portrait was filmed entirely on location in Havana, Cuba from January 15th through 22nd, 2015.


A Phoneme Media Film
Director David Shook
Executive Producer Mark Shook


Yoss's band Tenaz unfortunately isn't on iTunes or touring the U.S. just yet—although, the way things are going, we're hoping those things will happen soon! In the meantime, check out their music video for "El que a hierra mata." To a heavy metal tune full of roaring vocals, flashy guitar licks, and on-point cowbell hits, Yoss and his band chase a robed specter around an abandoned Havana mansion in homemade Guy Fawkes masks.

Directed by Rufo de Armas
Produced by Destellos