The End

The End, by Fernanda Torres - 9781632061218.jpg
The End, by Fernanda Torres - 9781632061218.jpg

The End


By Fernanda Torres

Translated from the Portuguese by Alison Entrekin

In this deadly-funny debut novel by renowned Brazilian actress Fernanda Torres, five macho friends in Rio’s Copacabana reflect on their hedonistic glory days—now supplanted by the indignities of aging—in what turn out to be their final moments. 

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Paperback List Price: $16.99 • ISBN: 9781632061218 • Publication: 7/11/2017• 5” x 7.125” • 256 pages • Fiction • Territory: World English • eBook ISBN: 9781632061225

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About the Book

With uncanny insight into the less virtuous corners of the male psyche, Fernanda Torres brings us five friends who once milked the high life of Rio’s Bossa Nova age and are now left with memories—parties, marriages, divorces, fixations, inhibitions, bad decisions—and the grim realities of getting old. Álvaro lives alone and bemoans the evils of his ex-wife. Sílvio can’t give up the excesses of sex and drugs. Ribeiro is a vain, Viagra-abusing beach bum. Neto is the square, a faithful husband until the end. Ciro is the Don Juan envied by all—but the first to die. Cutting in on these swan songs are the testimonies of those the men seduced, cheated, loved, and abandoned: their wives and children. Edgy, funny, and wise, The End is a candid tropical tragicomedy and an epitaph for a lost generation of machos. 



 “The intense but tenuous bonds of male friendship give shape and structure to this energetic, impressive debut from acclaimed Brazilian actress Torres. Set against the vivid backdrop of Copacabana, the episodic novel follows five contentious and devoted friends—Ciro, Silvio, Neto, Alvaro, and Ribeiro—from the hedonistic nights of their youth to the humbling days of old age. Beginning with the violent death of Alvaro, the group’s last surviving member, the story meticulously works it way back through the complicated lives of each friend, culminating with the operatic death of Ciro, who retains a spark of youth until his last moments. Torres paints a sharp, intimate portrait of male sexuality and psychology (including the experience of aging), illuminating the friends’ profound differences (such as between the decadent Silvio and the meeker Ribeiro) while never undermining the believability of their connection. As assured as the characterizations of the central characters are the investigations of the men and women who surround them, the wives who abide their exploits and the priests who speak at their funerals. The narration and momentum remain lively and sharp throughout.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review


“With fast-paced language and a comedic spin, Brazilian author Fernanda Torres transforms the process of aging into a thrilling read in this story of five debaucherous male friends who, drawing near their respective ends, are looking back on their best and worst moments as we revel in their decadent amorality.”

—Emma Ramadan, Riffraff (Providence, RI)


The End is the perfect summer release. Torres creates an aging, male Carioca friend group that is a mess of cynicism, nostalgia, frustration, and a seemingly unending appetite for sex. This book is raunchy, sophisticated, and so wonderfully Brazilian. I devoured this book in one sitting. Parabéns, Fernanda!!!”

—Daniela Roger, Books & Books (Coral Gables, FL)


“You think you see The End coming—or the ending coming—but Fernanda Torres has other plans for you on this journey.  Torres presents five friends—fairly flawed, tragic clowns—and their views on life and those around them as they try to navigate their lives and deaths. This novel is a funny, smart, well conceived, and perfectly executed playful look at mortality.”

—Nick Buzanski, Book Culture (New York, NY)


“The vibrant writing of Fernanda Torres had me completely enthralled by the lives of five self-indulgent characters, and then even more enthralled by their deaths. The End is an ultra-compelling dark comedy.”

—Katie Eelman, Papercuts J.P. (Boston, MA)


“Fernanda Torres animates the lives of ‘five middle-class men with mediocre jobs and no artistic or economic achievements’ with remarkable artistry and economy. Morbid and life-filled, sobering and ecstatic, The End has much to show its reader about the forces that make a single life, and the community of people and places that supports that life, worth living. Come for the company (wisecracking cranks, impolitic priests, characters who have to ask, ‘Who cared about boring eternity? Everyone in it would have traded a thousand years of the Lord's peace for five minutes more of earthly torture’), and stay for The End.”

—John Francisconi, Savoy Bookshop (Westerly, RI)


“Torres’ writing [has] flair and wit… [an] unforgiving portrait of men at their worst.”



“Famed actress Fernanda Torres’s debut novel, The End, is a brutally unflinching look at the lifelong friendships of five aging male friends and the women in their lives.… [Torres has an] agile hand at establishing voice, pacing, and tone. Hers is strong, economical prose.… The machismo of each character is impressively rendered.… The End is vivid and irascible as it confronts the reality of aging, regrets, and death.”

—Monica Carter, Foreword Reviews , Five-Hearts Review


“Five Brazilian men, each a unique reflection of machismo, have grown up together and are now dying separately, reflecting on their lives of friendship, fallouts, and hedonism. Oh, and the people they’ve screwed over along the way. And you get to hear from everyone: half the book grants each man a final monologue, while the other half follows the survivors picking up the pieces they've left behind. Debut novelist Fernanda Torres has no desire to absolve these men, but she does achieve a wider generosity of spirit. Their exploits are told with just enough humor to give them tangible appeal and just enough pathos to make their side effects equally memorable.”

—Jonathan Woollen, Politics & Prose (Washington, DC)


The End is an impressive and dizzying narrative that gathers meaning around the many misfortunes, climaxes, offenses, triumphs, and disappointments that constitute a life or, in this case, lives. Five friends in Rio recount their stories as they grapple with the uncertainty of their imminent deaths. As readers, we get the unique pleasure of seeing the many watershed moments that change the course of a friendship from an array of perspectives. For the life of me, I can't understand how Fernanda Torres keeps this rich cast of characters and buffet of absorbing action straight. One can merely delight in the complexity of life presented in these pages, understood all the better through the lens of death.”

—John Gibbs, Green Apple Books on the Park (San Francisco, CA)


About the Author

© Bob Wolfenson

© Bob Wolfenson

Fernanda Torres was born in 1965 in Rio de Janeiro. The daughter of actors, she was raised backstage. Fernanda has built a solid career as an actress and dedicated herself equally to film, theater, and TV since she was 13 years old, and has received many awards, including Best Actress at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival. Over the last twenty years, she has written and collaborated on film scripts and adaptations for theater. She began to write regularly for newspapers and magazines in 2007 and is now a columnist for the newspaper Folha de São Paulo and the magazine Veja-Rio and contributes to the magazine Piauí. Her debut novel, The End, has sold more than 200,000 copies in Brazil.


About the Translator

Alison Entrekin is an acclaimed translator from the Portuguese. Her work includes short fiction and poetry for anthologies and literary magazines, in addition to children’s fiction, biographies, and novels, including City of God by Paulo Lins; The Eternal Son by Cristovão Tezza, shortlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award; Near to the Wild Heart by Clarice Lispector, shortlisted for the PEN America Translation Prize; and Budapest by Chico Buarque, shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. She is a three-time finalist in the New South Wales Premier’s Translation Prize & PEN Medallion.


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